About Us

Middleton Raw Dog Foods was established a few years ago. We are built on the ethos that BARF is the best nutrition for your dog. BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is the diet that will ensure your pet enjoys optimal health and extended longevity. There is more about BARF below.

Middleton Raw Dog Foods is proudly based in  Middleton Greater Manchester and we serve pets and owners up and down the country. Thanks to the support of our regular customers, both locally and nationwide, we have been growing as a company over the last couple of years.

Most of our sales take place via Ebay, where we have many regular and returning customers. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with over 30,000 positive reviews.

We also have a facebook page where you can leave reviews and follow the launch of new products and Promotions.

At Middleton Raw Dog Foods we produce and sell our own raw dog food products. You can thus be assured that the product that arrives at your door has exchanged as little hands as possible, lessening the possibility of any contamination.

Our raw dog food is made from top quality British chicken  and chicken which are sourced from our own human grade FSA regulated cutting plant.

The raw dog food is 100% chicken and contains no added water, preservatives or additives. It is packed in 500g Chubs. This will make it make it easier to store in your freezer. You simply need to take out the required amount and leave in your fridge overnight to defrost before serving to your pet.

We also source the best quality British beef and lamb products. Having a pet can be a huge responsibility, and can increase your weekly to do list. Therefore at Middleton Raw Dog Foods, we aim to shoulder your burden. Let us take care of your dog’s nutrition needs so that you can enjoy a healthy and happy animal at home!

A Bit About BARF

BARF is considered the best diet for your cats and dogs. This is because it is closest to the nature intended diet that your pet would have consumed in the wild. It is a biologically appropriate diet made up of raw meat, bones, carcasses, fruit and veg. It eliminates grains and processed foods. Due to this, the BARF diet will give your pet the varied nutrition it needs to thrive.

A short term investment in a diet intended by nature may save you funds in the long term in vet bills as your dog enjoys better health and a higher quality of life.

Orders & Shipping

We are now delivering every day of the week.

Order before 3.30pm for next day delivery including Saturday & Sunday.

We can assure you that your order will be processed with the utmost care and attention. We are DEFRA approved pet food producer (APHA) licence number 44/861/8111 ABP/PTF